Departure Services

Moving (especially internationally) can be an intense process. A lot needs to be arranged in the country of destination. But, do not forget that your employee is also leaving a home behind. This process comes with all kinds of formalities. We are here to help and make sure that no step will be overlooked.

What is the goal of departure services?

Together with your employee we will make a tailormade departure plan. There are several goals that we want to achieve with departure services:

  • De-registration from all governmental bodies.
  • Finish all subscriptions.
  • Come to an agreement on the deposit that was paid for the house. We can assist with (pre-) move out inspections, arranging professional cleaning and handymen, etc.

The ultimate goal is to make sure your employee can begin the next chapter of their life stressfree.

Let us make moves so you don’t have to!

“very helpful, easy to contact”

— Hayriye, about a 30% ruling application in January 2023
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