Immigration Status Services

When an international employee lives and works in the Netherlands for a longer period, it is crucial to monitor the immigration status to maintain compliance. Anywr Netherlands can support you with this, we keep track of the expiry dates for your non EU employees.

Or do you perhaps wish to hire a non EU employee who already lives in the Netherlands?

Change of Employer

A “change of employer” applies when you recruit an employee who is or has been working in the Netherlands at another company. Though they have a valid work permit, it is necessary to follow the “change of employer” procedure when working for your company. We guarantee compliance.

Change of immigration status

A change of immigration status may apply when your employee no longer meets the condition(s) of the type of residence/work permit he/she currently holds. Think of a student visa, or a search year. After expiration we can apply for a change to for instance a highly skilled migrant procedure. We support you to keep compliant.

Application for long-term residence permit

When an employee intends to stay in the Netherlands long term or permanently, you/he/she may want to apply for a permanent residence permit. A permanent residence permit can be applied for after a 5-year stay in the Netherlands.

Anywr Netherlands will inform on the documents needed and will prepare and submit the immigration documents. We will coordinate any necessary appointments with the immigration authorities. 

The immigration process went smoother than I thought. Anywr Netherlands’s Dashboard really simplifies the documents and information exchange. Even though we need to reschedule our appointments in IND, all the scheduling was done by Anywr Netherlands officials. I can’t thank you enough for all you had done during the Immigration process. Onur about the immigration application assistance in 2023.

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