Inhouse Consultancy

If your company has a high volume of expat employees it might be good to offer inhouse consultancy hours. Even after their move is finalized, it takes may take a lot of your time to help your expat employees get settled and guide them through their new life in the Netherlands.  And we all know, happy employees are good for business. By providing your employees relocation consultancy hours, you save valuable time and money!

In your office

One of our experienced Anywr Netherlands employees will be at your office to assist your employees in person. We assign one person to your company, so your employees will always see the same face. We can be at your office as often and as long as you need us to be.

Your employees can ask all kinds of question, varying from immigration related issues, to (non official!) translations to questions about child care.

Experience less stress and fully focus on work, as Anywr Netherlands takes care of practical and time-consuming items!

“During the entire process, the way of sharing information, keeping us updated in a timely manner, guiding, replying – everything is managed excellently. Very much appreciated. Thanks you all for your support.”

— Satish, about an immigration application in May 2023
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