• Which immigration procedures are there for working/living in the Netherlands?
  • EU citizens
  • Work and Residence permits (long term)
  • Other Work and Residence permits
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Which immigration procedures are there for working/living in the Netherlands?

There are several immigration procedures for working and living in the Netherlands. Below you find a short summary of the procedures that we use most of the times.

EU citizens

EU citizens who come to the Netherlands on a local contract do not need to go through any immigration formalities. The only requirement is that EU nationals who plan to stay in the Netherlands for longer than 4 months register at the local Town Hall. We schedule and (if agreed) accompany the appointment to make sure the registration process runs smoothly.

The situation with EU citizens who are assigned to the Netherlands is different. In this situation the Posted Worker directive applies.

Work and Residence permits (long term)

The Highly Skilled Migrant procedure and the Intra Corporate Transferee directive are the most used immigration procedures for us. Some of your employees will prefer to apply for the EU Blue Card, that might become more popular in the Netherlands in the coming years. Anywr Netherlands’s specialized immigration team applies for hundreds highly skilled migrant, EU Blue Cards and intra corporate transferee procedures per year.

Other Work and Residence permits (work permit, trainees, short term, change of purpose, etc.)

However, we can also assist with all other kinds of immigration procedures that are related to work, whether for short or long stay. We offer advice and consultation and can submit all relevant applications on your behalf.


After the formalities have been approved and the non-EU expat has arrived in the Netherlands, s/he needs to register at both the immigration authorities and Town Hall. In many cases combined registration is possible at one of the Expat Centers located throughout the Netherlands. If this is not possible, we will coordinate (and if agreed upon) accompany a visit to the IND and the local authorities.

“Thanks for all your support!”

— Lee, about housing and settling in support, March 2023
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