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What are Highly Skilled Migrants?

The highly skilled migrant (HSM) procedure is used for employees with a non-EU nationality who work on a local (Dutch) contract. Your company/the contract entity must be a recognized sponsor to be able to use this procedure.

Other work related immigration procedures are the EU Blue Card and the Intra Corporate Transferee Directive (ICT). Both can also be used without a recognized sponsorship. However, the approval time will be much longer; with recognized sponsorship in place this is maximally 30 days and without maximally 90.

Salary Highly Skilled Migrants

The HSM salary requirement is also applicable for EU Blue Card (except for graduates) and ICT. The requirement changes per year. It is very important that the salaries of your non-EU highly skilled migrants always meet the requirement, even if the employee works part time. We strongly advise you to keep an eye this as the IND does check this regularly. The fines in case of non-compliance may be considerable.

There are a few variations in the HSM procedure:

– HSM with reduced salary criterion: once it is applicable, it is always applicable, no matter age or change of employer. It is applicable if the employee held a Zoekjaar/Search year permit, held a research permit in terms of Directive (EU) 2016/801, completed a Master/post-master/study programme in the NL or at a recognised university and that degree has been evaluated and meets the Dutch master level
– HSM for employees below 30 years. The salary requirement remains on the <30 level, even if your employee has reached the age of 30 when you apply for a renewal. When the employee of then >30 years changes employer the criterion for 30+ is applicable.
– HSM for employees above 30 years. The salary requirement of the year your employee started/the procedure used stays in place as long as the permit is valid. Upon renewal you will have to comply with the requirements of that year.

At the beginning of every new year, we announce the salary requirements in a blog. You can also find the current requirements on the IND’s website.

Our Highly Skilled Migrant permit service

Anywr Netherlands offers assistance for many immigration procedures, including HSM, EU Blue Card, ICT and applications to become a recognized sponsor. We inform you and the employee about the required documents, prepare and submit the immigration documents. We coordinate any necessary appointments at the GGD for a TB test and immigration authorities. During the process, we keep all parties proactively informed.

“Thanks for all your support!”

— Lee, about housing and settling in support, March 2023
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