• Can my employee bring family to the Netherlands?
  • Non EU partner/children of non-EU employee
  • Non EU partner/children of EU employee
  • Can Anywr Netherlands assist with family immigration applications?
Can my employee bring non EU family to the Netherlands?

When your employee can bring his/her immediate family to the Netherlands, it will contribute to their happiness. And you probably know: with happy employees, your business is more productive!

When your employee wishes to bring family with a non-EU nationality to the Netherlands, the Dutch immigration rules and regulations are applicable. The family members need residence permits. This permit will be valid until the end date of the ‘main’ permit and allows spouses to work in the Netherlands.

Whether it is possible to obtain a permit for family members, depends on your employee’s and the family’s situation. Of course you can leave this to Anywr Netherlands, with our vast experience we know our way in all work-related immigration procedures.

Non EU partner/children of non-EU employee

The immediate family members (partner and/or children) of your non EU Highly Skilled Migrant or Intra Corporate Transferee can usually come along to the Netherlands.

Is your company recognized as a sponsor for work-related purposes? We can submit the applications for the family members of your employee on your behalf. Have you not been recognized as a sponsor (yet)? In this case your employee needs to submit the application for the residence permits for his family members. Anywr Netherlands gladly prepares the applications.

Non EU partner/children of EU employee

If one of the partners is a EU/EER/Swiss national (not being Dutch) and the other partner holds a Non-EU nationality, a special procedure “Verification against the EU law” (Toetsing aan het EU recht) is applicable. Having this type of the residence permit, allows the Non-EU national to stay in the Netherlands as a family member of the EU-national.

If a family member holds a nationality for which the Schengen-Visa is required to enter the Netherlands, then the so-called “facilitation Visa” (Type C) has to be arranged before moving to the Netherlands. This visa can be obtained at the Dutch Embassy in the country of the residency. When applying for this visa, the Non-EU family member has to mention that he/she intends to live in the Netherlands with the EU family member. The Embassy will ask for the proof (for example, legalised birth/marriage certificates).

Can Anywr Netherlands assist with family immigration applications?

We gladly do so! Just send us a mail to and we’ll send you a proposal for our assistance.

to be honest without Anywr Netherlands, i would have been totally lost and confiused. Having Anywr Netherlands support me all the way has made my relocation pain free and less complicated. I have advised all my family and friends to reach out to Anywr Netherlands for any infiormation on the relocation.

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