Talent retention

Most companies find talent retention very important. Anywr Netherlands can help you and your international employees to establish longstanding relations.

You can think of trainings to feel at home in the Netherlands, tax support (30% and first year tax return). We also offer support with immigration renewals, or in-country moves.

30% tax ruling

Anywr Netherlands applies for hundreds of 30% rulings per year. We gladly also take care of your employees’ applications!

Tax return services

Especially the first year after arrival in the Netherlands it is good to offer help with the tax return.

Immigration Status Services

Anywr Netherlands monitors expiry dates for you.

In-Country Move

Sometimes an employee wants or has to move in the Netherlands. Anywr Netherlands can help to make this move easier.

Language and Culture Training

Key for the integration in the Netherlands is to speak the Dutch language and know the culture.

Ongoing Support

After your employee has moved it’s good to still offer support.

Permit Extension

Renewal of permits is essential to stay compliant. Anywr Netherlands not only monitors expiry dates but can also apply for extensions.

Personal Assistance

Your employee will feel extra welcome due to our personal assistance.

Spouse Career Assistance

It is easier to move to another country when the partner also finds a job there. Anywr Netherlands can assist.

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