How do we assist your employees relocating to the Netherlands?

Congratulations! You’ve recruited a new employee, and your expectations are high. The only thing is that Meryem comes from another country, in this case Turkey. You don’t know where to start with her relocation, and have asked Anywr Netherlands to step in.

Step 0

Agree on assistance that we can offer

In Meryem’s situation we agree on assistance with the immigration procedure and 3 Settle Blocks for her home finding and settling in. 

Step 1

Start up correct immigration procedure

Based on the information that you provide us we will advise on the immigration procedure to follow. In this situation, the Highly Skilled Migrant procedure is the way to go. Your company is a recognized sponsor for the Dutch immigration authorities. Moreover Meryem’s salary meets the requirements. 

Anywr Netherlands contacts Meryem through our portal, There she finds all the relevant information on the procedure. We also request the required documents for the procedure in this digitally secure environment. 

Step 2

Intake meeting for the relocation assistance

Once we know when Meryem can travel to the Netherlands one of our relocation coordinators has a video meeting with her. The goal is to get to know Meryem’s expectations and any concerns. Together with Meryem we set up a relocation plan and discuss realistic expectations. The goal is to determine together how we should best tailor our services to meet her specific needs.

Home finding is the main subject in the intake meeting that we have with Meryem, as it is in most intake meetings. The rental market is very very tense so it’s important to discuss budget, requirements and wishes. Meryem will come to the Netherlands on her own she says and is looking for a 2 bedroom apartment in Amsterdam for a maximum of 1,200 Euros rent. Our relocation coordinator explains the local situation. For an apartment with 2 bedrooms you need to be prepared to spend more like 1,800 – 2,000 Euros per month! Landlords typically expect a salary level from the tenant that is 3 – 4 times the rent.  

Our relocation coordinator wants to increase Meryem’s chances of securing a home within the first month. The more flexibility the better, so we start looking for alternatives.

  • The rental markets in The Hague and Rotterdam offer more supply for lower prices yet still way above the 1,200. 
  • Another option is to look for a 1 bedroom apartment; rental budget 1,600 – 1,800 in Amsterdam, 1,200 – 1,400 in The Hague and 1,400 – 1,650 in Rotterdam (lower rent unfurnished, slightly higher furnished). 
  • In Amsterdam there are housing corporations which offer less expensive properties. Should she decide for this option, Meryem has to sign up herself and provide detailed financial information. Moreover, the process will probably take longer than 1 month. In any case when Meryem has found a nice property we can help her make the offer, review the contract and coordinate the move in practicalities.

Meryem feels somewhat disappointed at how expensive apartments are in the Netherlands. On the other hand she also feels supported, together we will find the best solution!

Sometimes it’s good for you as HR or global mobility to also join this first meeting. You will get to know your new employees even better and thus will be better able to support them.

Step 3

Sharing info on our portal

While the intake meeting focussed on the housing situation, we also share other important information through Think of for instance the registration process (including the coordination of the appointment), opening a bank account, the medical system in the Netherlands. 

Step 4

Securing the best property

Based on Meryem’s budget, requirements and wishes, our relocation coordinator starts the home search. We propose available options in, and ask Meryem for her feedback. Meryem can also upload properties herself so we can check availability. We coordinate viewings and offer to accompany Meryem to the first three. However, after the second viewing in Rotterdam Meryem lets us know that she wants to place an offer on the apartment. We prepare a power of attorney document and start the offer process on her behalf. We’re all happy when the real estate agent tells us that Meryem is the lucky one!

Step 5

Coordination of move in

Meryem lived in a temporary apartment during the home finding. Her permanent apartment is ready for her move in per the first of the next month. Anywr Netherlands coordinates the move in date, informs Meryem on the required payments. Meryem asks us if we can accompany her at the move in meeting, which we can. She receives a full inspection report of the condition of the property at the checkin.

Step 6

Settling in

Now Meryem is ready to start her new life in the Netherlands. We make sure that all loose ends are finalized. Have fun in Rotterdam Meryem!

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