Tax return 2019, action time!

2019 income tax return – who needs to file?

Are you a Dutch tax resident and do you own a house? Did you request a refund for the house? In this case you definitely need to file the 2019 income tax return. If you do not, you need to pay back the refund.

Dutch tax residents that only had 1 employer in 2019, no house, no assets, most likely are not invited to file and if they do file, the outcome of the tax return will be nil.

If you had two or more employers in 2019, most likely the Dutch tax office invites you to file to see if enough tax was withheld.

Assetts and 30% ruling

Dutch tax residents that have assets exceeding EUR 30.360 a person and EUR 60.720 for  a tax couple, are to file the Dutch income tax return and need to report the world wide assets.

However, if you have the so called 30% ruling no assets need to be reported.

IMPORTANT! If you use the tax return the Dutch tax office set ready for you, the Dutch tax office automatically selected for you that you do need to report your worldwide assets. So better not to use that possibility if you have the 30%  ruling!

Dutch tax residents that are registered as entrepreneurs with the Chamber of Commerce need to file a profit tax return.

Did you arrive in or have you departed the Netherlands in 2019? You will need to file a migration tax return. However, those who are entitled to a refund are often not invited to file.

2019 income tax return – how can Anywr Netherlands help?

Anywr Netherlands offers the assistance of a specialized tax consultant. This company yearly assists many people in your situation.

Please go to our webshop to order your tax return. We will bring you into contact with the specialized tax consultant.

Income tax return – why paid assistance?

Indeed the Dutch tax office has set ready your 2019 Dutch tax return for free. You only need to push yes to file. The small print does state that you do need to check if what is included in the tax return is indeed correct. That the tax office does not take responsibility and if the income tax return turns out to be incorrect, penalties will be issued to you.

Most of our clients have a complex tax situation with at least bank accounts abroad, often property abroad that the Dutch tax office has not included in the income tax return. The penalty of not reporting the world wide assets correctly is 300% of the tax due.

Many of our clients have the 30% ruling and that is not covered by the tax return set ready of the Dutch tax office.

After the tax return is filed the tax office may send assessments or an inquiring letter. Our partner will react on these. Or the tax office denies you a tax aspect, which our tax partner will be glad to appeal.

Tax return via Anywr Netherlands – process steps?

After your initiation through the webshop we will bring you in contact with our tax partner. You will need to submit the following documents to them:

  • Your 2019 annual  income statement from your employment;
  • If applicable your 2019 annual mortgage statement;
  • Study costs paid in 2019 exceeding the amount of € 250;
  • The 2019 preliminary refund assessment received early 2019 or the actual refund amount received from the tax office per month, if possible, but very important.
  • If you own more than € 30.360 (tax free amount) in world wide assets, you will have to provide all bank balances, shares/bonds assets and real estate assets valued as per January 1, 2019. For tax partners the tax free amount totals € 60.720 instead of € 30.000. 30% ruling holders do not need to provide any of this information.

The rule of the tax office is: if filed before April 1, you receive the (refund) assessment before July 1. The regular deadline is May 1. If you meet this deadline instead of April 1, then you are still in time but it could take about a year before you receive a response from the Dutch tax office.

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