GDPR relocation industry

GDPR in the Relocation Industry

GDPR significantly affects every aspect of our industry. It protects the data and the rights of our relocated customers and their families. It also impacts our organizational actions and decisions. Because a relocation company deals with quite some personal data, data protection is a a central topic within Anywr Netherlands. In fact it already was before the regulation came into effect.

All Anywr Netherlands employees and other people who work on our behalf know that within our organization there is a constant flow of processing personal data. All information used to obtain visas and other immigration related documents, the 30% ruling, arranging appointments at institutions, etc. Business and personal phone numbers, email addresses, family information, identification numbers, to name a few. And of course, the less obvious “indirect identifiers”, such as location information.

GDPR has become our gold standard with regard to data protection and compliance. We provide each customer with a personal account in our secured communication portal in which they can share their personal information and upload confidential documents. This is one of the ways we protect our customers’ data and rights.

But not only technical and IT measures are a must to make sure work processes meet the GPDR standards. Just as important, is the knowledge and the awareness within the company.

And for that reason all Anywr Netherlands team members gather together (well, this year online of course) and enjoy our annual Privacy Awareness Training. During last week’s training we not only refreshed our knowledge about the GDPR rules and regulations. Together we analyzed on how we process documentation containing personal data and shared tips with the aim to continuously improve our work methods. Making this important topic, that may seem to be a bit boring in itself, fascinating and to resonate throughout our organization.

Can’t wait for next year’s training!

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