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More relocations to the Netherlands

Many countries in the world, including the Netherlands, have (at least) started their vaccination programme. This is probably why we see more relocations to the Netherlands in the last months. The perspective on living in open world again has become more realistic!

The impact of the pandemic – the start

When the covid-pandemic first started the borders of the Netherlands were closed. As a result, we could only assist people who were already in the Netherlands. Other relocations to the Netherlands that we expected were put on hold; the companies still wanted to have the people in the Netherlands but later. Luckily we only saw a few cancellations.

Relocations to the Netherlands-after the first pandemic months

After the first months, we already saw that activity picking up. Not to the levels that we were used to. Still, we were happy to see that companies continued with their plans. They still hired and assigned people from abroad.

Anywr Netherlands adjusted our assistance to the new reality. For example; we could no longer view rental houses with entire families but went there together with one family member, or view properties apart from our clients. To provide our clients with a house upon arrival we developed the virtual/remote home finding programme. We coordinated many registration appointments and provided clear instructions about the when/what/where’s.

Now: more relocations to the Netherlands

The number of relocations to the Netherlands has risen in a controlled way in the past months. In the last 6 weeks we have seen a significant increase in the number of relocations to the Netherlands. Many companies need people from abroad to realize their goals

Living in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is still a very popular country for people from abroad. Many people know Amsterdam and would like to live here. However, we also see the popularity of other cities and regions rising. Now that (partial) home work will remain, there is no direct need to live in the city where one’s work office is located.

Given the fact that more people move to the Netherlands (again) we expect that the rental prices will start to increase within the coming months. This will even give more reason to look at houses outside of Amsterdam or even the Randstad area!

More information/receive a quote

If your company works with employees from other countries, you want to give them the best start possible. Let Anywr Netherlands assist them! We offer an easy working programme that ensures a positive start. Please do contact us if you would like to receive more information or a quote

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