Pro's and Cons of AI for HR

AI explored; Pro’s and Cons of AI for HR

AI is a trending topic in the past months. Logical, as AI seems to have many benefits, also in the field of HR. In the coming weeks we will explore the pro’s and cons of AI for HR.

Pro’s of AI

HR can use AI for many purposes. As the (Dutch) website CHRO confirms, it can be used for recruitment, support, development and management of employees. AI will give HR managers better understanding of the company’s and their employee’s development. And due to the ‘selflearning’ effect of AI the analyses and predictions will get better in time.

AI will change the character of many jobs. In the HR field it will probably lead to more strategic functions.

Cons of AI

In the balance of Pro’s and Cons of AI for HR there are still many drawbacks. The most important is that AI strengthens already existing algorithms, leading to biases. This means that unintentionally people can be discriminated on gender, race, or origin. Moreover, the privacy of AI systems is not guaranteed. We do not know which data AI machines keep and where. In other words, the data security might be an issue!

In the coming weeks

As mentioned before we will explore AI in the coming weeks. You can expect articles around recruitment and the impact of AI on our field of work, global mobility. If you have any questions, please do contact us on

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