Is Anywr Netherlands Going Anywr?

Exciting Updates on the Anywr Netherlands and Anywr Partnership: Clarifying Your Questions

The recent acquisition of Anywr Netherlands by Anywr Group marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter, one that respects the legacy of both companies while embracing future growth opportunities.

Maintaining Local Roots with Global Reach

Office Location: Anywr Netherlands will continue to operate from its office in Haarlem, ensuring a stable and familiar base for operations.

Consistent Personnel: The people you have been working with at Anywr Netherlands will remain in place. This continuity is key to maintaining the high service standards and personal relationships that clients value.

Service Offering: Embracing the motto of “act local, think global,” our service offerings will stay consistent, preserving the quality and range that our clients have come to expect.

Expanded Services and International Opportunities

Global Assistance: A significant advantage of this merger is the ability to extend Anywr’s assistance to other countries. This expansion enables us to support your international needs more effectively.

Adding International Recruitment Services in the Netherlands: In the future, we will enhance our portfolio by including  international recruitment services in the Netherlands, further broadening our capabilities.

International Growth: Anywr Netherlands has already begun working more internationally for a number of clients, reflecting our commitment to meet the evolving requirements of our diverse and global clientele.

In conclusion, Anywr Netherlands, now a part of Anywr, is not just ‘going Anywr’—it’s poised for significant growth and expansion. This partnership is a testament to the evolving landscape of global mobility and talent acquisition, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

Do you want to know how we can help you give your international employees a head start? Contact us to explore how our expanded services and international reach can benefit your business.

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