Finding a new home in the Netherlands

A lot of newcomers came to the Netherlands in 2022. Most people entered into a model B rental contract. This is a contract for a definite period, maximally two year. After this only a contract for indefinite period is possible and not all landlords want to offer this. This means that many of your newcomers probably will have to find a new home in 2024.

Good to know is that most rental contracts for a definite period will be abolished in 2024. We do not know the exact date yet, nor the exception. We’ll keep you updated!

A new home in the Netherlands

Back to the employees whose rental contract will stop. The current housing market is very very difficult. There is much demand and far too few supply, leading to high prices and difficulties finding a new home in the Netherlands. As mentioned in earlier blogs, the government seems to implement contra-productive measures, leading to even fewer supply. It’s not very likely that the situation will change shortly as building new houses is difficult at the moment.

So if your employee has to find a new home this might lead to stress and less productivity. Moving is never easy, especially not when you have to in a difficult market.

Anywr Netherlands can help

Anywr Netherlands finds homes for many newcomers. However, we can also assist with finding a new home in the Netherlands due to a rental contract’s end date. What are the benefits?

  • Anywr Netherlands has built up many contacts with real estate agents in the market.
  • When your employee finds a rental house through Anywr Netherlands, no real estate agent’s fee will be applicable.
  • Anywr Netherlands has an independent position on the market so we can advise your employee on the best option for them. Their positive experience with us is our goal!

We can assist with both finding a new rental home and and with buying a property.


Anywr Netherlands can offer you as a company an attractive offer. We can also work directly for your employee through our webshop. In all cases we will work with Settle Blocks, to make true tailormade services possible.

More info

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