Immigration update

Immigration update Netherlands

Recently there were some changes regarding immigration to the Netherlands, that you will find in this immigration update.

Immigration update #1: extended stay after permit expiration

As of 15 February 2024, someone with a visa-exempt nationality is still allowed to be in the Netherlands for 90 days, immediately after the regular residence permit has expired. This is called the visa-exempt period. It is then no longer mandatory to have first been outside the Schengen area. This applies, for example, to your employee (or family member) with a visa-exempt nationality. The employee does not have to submit an application for the visa-exempt period, but must meet all the requirements for a short-stay visa. At Netherlands Worldwide you can check whether a person needs a visa.

Immigration update #2: stricter controls on highly skilled migrants below 30

Per 1 April 2024 all employers of Highly Skilled Migrants who are hired under the reduced salary criterion, must be able to prove the eligibility of the employee to the reduced salary criterion after their work start.

Update #3; end date on permit is until date

A residence permit is always issued with a date ‘until’ and not with a date ‘up to and including’. This is important when you offer a new contract for a definite period and in permit extensions. So when the contract end date is (fi) June 30th 2025, the end date on the extension application form should be July 1st, 2025.

More info

Do you want more info on immigration to the Netherlands? Anywr Netherlands gladly assists! Our extensive immigration team can assist or advise you on all procedures to the Netherlands. We can also provide you with information on other countries, together with our Anywr Group colleagues. Anywr Group is based in 16 countries and we have contacts in all other countries as well. Please send a mail to

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