school holidays in the Netherlands

School holidays in the Netherlands in summer time

If you relocate to the Netherlands with children, finding a good school for them is probably your first priority. In this article you will read all you have to know about school holidays in the Netherlands in the summer period.

Now that the summer and thus the school holidays in the Netherlands is coming close, we would like to give you some information about this specific school holiday.
The exact period of your children’s summer holiday depends on the region where you live. The country is divided in three parts; the Southern, the Northern and the Middle region. We gladly share an overview with the exact Dutch school holidays for 2019 and 2020. But back to the summer holidays.

Dutch school holidays in the summer period

The South region will kick off this holiday season, the last school day in for instance Eindhoven and Maastricht will be on Friday July the 8th. Followed by the Dutch schools in the Northern region of the Netherlands (including Amsterdam). They officially close down on Friday 12th of July. Last but not least, the middle region will start their holidays as from Friday afternoon July the 19th.

From the past years we have learned that local schools in the Netherlands don’t do any tours two weeks before they close. During the summer holidays no emails will be answered by the schools. The summer holidays will end in the same order as they started; Dutch schools in the Southern region will open again on Monday the 19th of August, in the Northern region on the 26th of August, and in the middle region on September the 2nd.

Important to know is that admission to a Dutch school (or language school/class) can’t be arranged during the summer holiday period, meaning no registrations, nor any tours.

Dutch international schools holidays in the summer period

International (state) schools in the Netherlands have the same summer holiday scheme as Dutch schools. These schools are always very busy towards the summer, so we tend to see a delay in answering emails.  Just like with local Dutch schools, tours and admissions are not possible over the summer.

Private international schools in the summer period

Private international schools in the Netherlands, like the American School, the British School and Amity International School, will stay open for admissions. Although they have reduced office hours from mid-June until beginning of August, they do offer tours during the summer holiday period.

Dutch daycares in the summer period

In general, Dutch daycares remain open during the summer holidays, including for registration and questions about availability. But it may take a bit longer than normal, as they will coope with fewer staff.

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