Looking for a job in the Netherlands?

Very regularly we receive the question how to find a job in the Netherlands. The questions come from our clients’ partners as well as from people from abroad who wish to relocate to the Netherlands. Are you looking for a job in the Netherlands?

The Dutch labour market

The Duch labour market is quite tense at the moment. The unemployment rate is historically low and many employers are looking for skilled people. There are more jobs than skilled people so one would say that your chances are good if you are looking for a job in the Netherlands!

How do I find a job in the Netherlands?

There are many job sites on which you can find jobs for English speaking persons. Just google ‘vacancies in the Netherlands’ and you will find plenty sites.

The more difficult part is to determine how to find your desired job. You want to take the right step! Once you know how to find your new job, you will have to know how the Dutch application process works. Which steps will be taken? Which questions can you expect in a job interview and how to answer them? Job interviews in the Netherlands are different than in other countries, so you’d better prepare yourself.

Career starter

Anywr Netherlands can offer you assistance to prepare yourself for the Dutch labour market. We work with a specialized company, who offers online and face-to-face individual trainings. In most cases you’ll be ready in three sessions in which you will get to know how to find your desired job and what you can expect from Dutch application procedures.


Please contact us and you will receive our reaction soon! Do you want to know more about life in Amsterdam/Rotterdam? Our VR orientation tour will give you a real life experience!

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