Corona Covid-19 in the Netherlands update

More patients have become infected with the corona covid-19 virus recently. The numbers are still relatively low, however this may change.

The Netherlands has a structure in place in which doctors, laboratories and Municipal Public Health Service (GGD) all work together to combat various outbreaks of infectious diseases. Multiple actions have been taken within this collaboration:

  • RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment   National Institute for Public Health and the Environment  and Erasmus University Medical Center are informed about the outbreak via various international bodies
  • RIVM informs doctors, GGD’s and microbiological laboratories about the latest developments and what to do if someone is infected with the novel coronavirus
  • Erasmus MC and RIVM have good laboratory tests at their disposal to identify the virus

In terms of our Anywr Netherlands contingency plan we are still in phase 2.

I will relocate to the Netherlands

If you come to the Netherlands shortly you will notice that the corona virus is the talk of the day. There is much attention for personal hygiene, like washing hands carefully. Many people avoid big crowds however until today there is not a guideline to do so.

There is an official guideline about shaking hands, the Dutch government has asked the population to not shake hands anymore. When you go to an appointment with one of our consultants she/he will not shake hands with you. This is just to prevent the covid-19 virus from spreading.

Our relocation coordinators and immigration officers will ask you at the start of the services if you have recently visited a risk area (China, Iran, Italy). If you have symptoms that could be covid-19 related we will discuss your intended relocation with you and your employer. Perhaps in this case it will be better to postpone the relocation.

When you have recently arrived in the Netherlands and still in the relocation process you may also expect the question if you experience health issues before you will have an appointment accompanied by one of our consultants. If this is the case it may be better to postpone the appointment. We will discuss this with you and your employer.

My company wants a person to relocate to the Netherlands

As long as this person is healthy and has not visited one of the risk areas we will gladly be there to assist. In my opinion there is no reason to postpone a relocation due to the covid-19 virus, the virus is everywhere. It is very important to follow the basic protective measures as described by the WHO.

Do you have a question related to this article and/or our services? Please do contact me!

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