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Relocation to the Netherlands; Being there when you are needed most

A relocation to the Netherlands is not always an easy process. Being Settle Service’s quality manager, I monitor the experiences from our customers very frequently. To be honest, I was not in the best of moods last Thursday, a rainy, gloomy afternoon. It was just days after our government called out for stricter Corona rules, which lead to deciding to close the office for at least the next 3 weeks. But work goes on and we are not helping our customers by moping around and feeling sorry for ourselves, so I went on with what needed to be done. 

Evaluation outcomes 

It didn’t take long to finish the complaint log. There was one complaint, that my colleagues managed very well themselves. A young couple understandably needed some extra time and help in adjusting their expectations to the current Dutch rental reality. It was good to see that my colleagues picked up the signals in an early stage of the relocation process and managed to reassure the couple that they will find a nice home. They are not there yet, but at least now they know better what to expect and they are comfortable with that. 

And then it was time to complete our kudo’s and evaluations log. As soon as I started to investigate the data, a smile gradually appeared on my face. With a return rate of 71% and a 76% excellent score, 24 % good and 0 % moderate or poor scores and countless spontaneous expressions of gratitude, it was the best satisfaction score I have ever seen since I started working for Settle Service 17 years ago. The best medicine against autumn blues ever! 

Client experiences

In last month’s evaluations, many clients expressed their gratitude and satistaction with our service during their relocation to the Netherlands.

“Words cannot express how grateful we as a family are for your help”.

“You were there for us when we needed you the most.”

 “This is reason #412 why I love Settle Service!”

And the list went on and on…. 

Did you already view our client panel interview video that we posted last week? A few of our clients share their recent experiences on their relocation.

Relocation to the Netherlands in corona times

It suddenly struck me and I realized what this means. As one of our clients literaly expressed: We are here for our clients now that they need us most. Especially in these difficult times with so many obstacles and uncertainties, it can be tough to have to go through an international move. But apparently, we manage to add real value to the home finding and registration processes of our customers. 

Of course, I realize that we are not there yet. The crisis is not over and nobody knows exactly what to expect. But the appreciation we receive from our customers definitely gives us the confidence and courage we need to get through this. We will  continue to guide our customers along the bumpy and unpredictable road, so they still get the positive start they deserve! 

I wallowed a bit in all those beautiful words before sharing it with the team. Then I closed my laptop on my kitchen table and was already looking forward to opening it again the next day.

I am so proud of the Settle Service Team

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