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The housing market in the Netherlands

You might have already read information about the housing market in the Netherlands. We published a number of blogs about the subject and sent our customers mails. Moreover, home finding site Pararius published an extensive article recently. We would like to share the following relevant information:

Rental vs buying market

Both rental and buying markets are tight. This means that in many cases potential buyers as well as tenants have to overbid the asking price, leading to higher prices, etc. Houses are being sold or let within a couple of days, often even before they officially come on the market.

Background of the Dutch housing market developments

The housing market in the Netherlands has a couple of characteristics that influence the current scarcity.

  • the Netherlands is a rather small country with a high population density in many regions.
  • the Netherlands is typically a country with many low-rise buildings.
  • many singles and couples live in properties that could also be suitable for families.
  • many people stay in their houses, even if their salary level would be sufficient to buy or rent another house.
  • governmental rules that protect tenants make it difficult for new landlords to rent out their houses.

Your new employees from abroad

How do you make sure that your new employee from abroad finds a good home in this tight housing market? Our advice would be to have a flexible approach towards the first period in the Netherlands;

  • tell your new employees that the housing market can be challenging and requires their flexibility (timewise, demands and budget). The houses that they like most might be rented out before they could get hold of it. We will also provide this information, if it comes from both sides it will probably be accepted sooner.
  • most people need temporary accommodation for 1 or 2 months before they have secured and can move into their new (rental) home. It might take many more months to move in to a purchased home so our advice is to always rent in the first period.
  • give your new employees the flexibility to attend home viewings as they can only be planned on an ad hoc basis in most cases.

‘Normal’ rental budgets in the Dutch housing market

Rental budgets differ per city and per period. The information that we give here is current information so might be out-dated soon. The below table provides general information on the square meter price in the Netherlands. Amsterdam is the most expensive city (average m2 price € 21,05) in the Dutch housing market.

(source: Pararius)

More info?

Anywr Netherlands offers home search programmes for each budget. Please do contact us if you have any questions!

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