Update: Ukrainian employees in the Netherlands

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has brought a true disaster. People dying, families torn apart, many people have lost all they owned. A true tragedy in the world, obviously in the first place for the Ukrainian people. Many of our customers have asked us how they can bring their Ukrainian employees to the Netherlands.

Refugees from Ukraine

Situation for Ukrainian citizens in the Netherlands 

On 3 March 2022, the Directive on temporary protection for Ukrainian citizens was approved by the EU.

Under the Directive, temporary protection is available for the following categories of individuals: 

  1. Ukranian nationals that have fled as a result of the Russian military invasion of 24 February 2022; 
  2. Third-country nationals with a legal status in the Ukraine, if they are unable to return to their country of origin. Third-country nationals with a permanent legal status do not have to prove that they cannot go back to their country of origin. 
  3. Family members of the above categories. Family members are married partners, unmarried partners in a sustainable relationship, minor children and close family members that resided in the same household as the members of the above categories. 

The temporary protection is, in principle, available for 1 year. This can be extended with another year, meaning that the protection can, in practice, be available for 2 years.  

Can my Ukrainian employees work in the Netherlands?

If she/he has no valid immigration status in the Netherlands not yet. In the Dutch media we read that this will be possible as from April 1, 2022. A notification to the Dutch authorities on the employments will be required so we read in the same media. However, the immigration authorities’ website does not provide this information yet.

Under the Directive, the Netherlands has to ensure that Ukranians receive legal status. With this legal status, Ukranians will also be able to work in the Netherlands. The Netherlands also has to ensure that decent accommodation is available and that, for instance, Ukrainians under 18 years old have access to the educational system. 

By registering at the local municipality where your Ukrainian employees live they will automatically also be registered at the IND.

How can I bring my Ukrainian employees to the Netherlands now?

Assuming that the above mentioned information is correct we think it would be good to wait a few weeks before you officially employ your Ukrainian employee in the Netherlands.

Alternative would be to start up a highly skilled migrant procedure, but it also takes several weeks to get the IND’s approval on this.

Do you want to have more information?

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