home finding in the Netherlands

Home finding in the Netherlands

You might have read our earlier article on home finding in the Netherlands. The tense situation will continue and may even get worse. Sorry, I can’t make it any better. But there are ways to increase your employees chances of getting a rental property.

Finding a home in the Netherlands; why is the market so tense?

This is due to the fact there hasn’t been enough new construction in recent years. In the meantime, the population has increased and there are more single households than ever.

There was a shortage of available properties even before the covid crisis started. While there was some relief during the crisis, it didn’t last long. Prices have gone up substantially and even if we offer the asking price we find that in many cases there are multiple candidates competing for the same property.

Influencing factors

There are a number of factors that negatively influence one’s chance of success:

  • Bringing pets, especially dogs
  • Young children
  • Prejudice towards some nationalities (houses may smell differently based on cooking preferences and there are differing cultural attitudes about cleanliness)

Those factors cannot be influenced in most cases. But there are ways to show the landlord that in your employee’s situation those factors can be minimised.

  • Offer temporary accommodation in the first months so that the employee has time to secure a permanent address
  • Offer the employee flexibility to attend viewings in the first few weeks. It is key to be flexible on short notice. If not the property will be rented to someone else.
  • Let the employee create a short letter in which she/he introduces her/himself and any accompanying pet/family members;
    • who are you?
    • who is your employer in the Netherlands?
    • how long do you intend to stay?
    • why would you make a good tenant?
    • how do you handle your children? What does your dog look like, is he/she obedient? Just show some examples of your ‘normal’ life.
  • Offer an accompanied move in and, upon departure, an accompanied move out inspection to report on any damages and come to an agreement on the return of the deposit.
  • Suggest the employee offer to arrange a weekly cleaning by a professional company.

More info on home finding in the Netherlands?

If you would like to discuss our home finding services in the Netherlands please send a note to company@anywr-group.com.

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