Relocations to the Netherlands

Best Practices for Employee Relocations to the Netherlands

Relocating to the Netherlands entails meticulous planning and execution. Whether you’re an employer or HR manager, your goal is to provide a seamless transition for your team while staying compliant. This blog elucidates the best practices you should consider to guarantee a successful employee relocation to the Netherlands.

Why Relocation Support is Crucial

As an employer, you have two primary options: assist your employees directly, which consumes valuable time and resources, or let your employees handle the relocation themselves, a task that could overwhelm them. At Anywr Netherlands, we specialize in alleviating these challenges. Affiliated with Anywr Group, we extend our expertise to other countries as well. Making your employees’ relocation experience the best it can be is not just our job; it’s our passion.

Pre-Relocation Planning

Visa and Permits

Prioritize understanding the visa and residence permit prerequisites for your employees. Timely initiation of the correct application processes helps avoid delays.

Employee Housing

Support your team in finding appropriate housing in the Netherlands. Equip them with resources to navigate the country’s competitive rental market. Read more about the Dutch rental market in our earlier blog.

Financial Assistance

Be transparent about financial assistance packages, which may cover accommodation, transportation, and language courses. This clarity alleviates stress for relocating employees.

Legal Compliance

Employment Contracts

Draft employment contracts that are comprehensive and aligned with Dutch labor laws, specifying salary, benefits, working conditions, and any unique clauses.

Immigration Compliance

Adherence to Dutch immigration laws is non-negotiable. Efficiently manage residence permits and visa applications, and maintain detailed records to substantiate your compliance.

Health and Well-being

The medical system and health care insurance

Health insurance is compulsory in the Netherlands. Assist employees in securing it upon their arrival. Furthermore, help them register with a General Practitioner (GP) for prompt healthcare access.

The healthcare system in the Netherlands is unique. Educate your employees on how to seek medical attention and deal with emergencies effectively.

Mental Health Resources

Consider offering mental health support. Relocating can be emotionally challenging, and access to counseling services or support groups can be invaluable.

Cultural and Language Integration

Promote language and cultural assimilation by providing language courses and connecting employees with local networks and expat communities.

Education Support

If relocating employees have children, assist with school enrollments and provide insights into the Dutch educational system.

Tax and Financial Guidance

The Dutch tax system can be intricate. Guide your employees through it, and encourage consultation with tax advisors for complex issues.

Networking and Community Building

Foster a community among your relocated staff by organizing events, networking sessions, and cultural activities.

Mobility and Public Transportation

Educate your employees about the public transportation system and help them secure an OV-chipkaart, which is essential for using public transport in the Netherlands.

Legal Obligations

Help employees comply with legal requirements such as registering with the local municipality (gemeente).

Safety and Security

Put an emphasis on safety and security by distributing information on emergency services, healthcare facilities, and safety procedures.

Conclusion/more info

A strategic approach to employee relocation to the Netherlands benefits not only your organization but also the well-being and productivity of your team. Through best practices and comprehensive support, you can ensure a smooth transition, enhance your workplace culture, and strengthen your global footprint.

As said earlier, Anywr Netherlands is specialized in immigration and relocation to the Netherlands. Together with our Anywr colleagues from other countries we can also offer support elsewhere in the world. Do you want to know how? Please contact us at

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