accommodation for short termers and interns

Accommodation for short termers and interns

Over the past couple of months, we see that both immigration authorities IND and the UWV are becoming more and more strict with the application of the Dutch Immigration Law. This goes especially for Short Term Work Permits (STWP) and GVVA Single Permits. Over the past weeks we see that both government institutions are pausing applications and request for proof that employers will provide accommodation for short termers and interns.

Promise of accommodation

As per the Dutch Immigration Law, employers are required to provide accommodation for certain visa applications, such a Short Term Work Permits. So far, the Law was rather lenient, meaning that a simple and vague confirmation that accommodation will be provided to assignees, the applications were approved without any issues. 

Proof of accommodation for short termers and interns

However, we see that there is an increasing demand from both IND and UWV to proof that short term employees and interns will have proper accommodation during their stay in the Netherlands. Promises are not enough anymore.

This means that, if you want to work with short termers or interns, you will have to take your accommodation responsibility seriously. You can do this by making arrangements with a holiday park, a hotel, an Airbnb, or whatever short term accommodation provider.

No registration until 4 months of stay

Short termers and interns can stay in the beforementioned accommodations as they do not have the obligation to register in the Netherlands. Only people who intend to stay in the Netherlands longer than 4 months have to register.

The exception is if you will have a relationship with the Dutch government during this time, or if your employer requires you to register. In this situation, you can register as a Non-Resident Registration (RNI).

More info

Do you want to have more info on short term and intern work permits and their requirements? Or are you looking for a partner for the applications? We gladly assist. Please leave your contact details here and we will respond soon.

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