service excellence employees

Service excellence employees

As indicated in our earlier item on service excellence, this is one of the most important subjects in our company. Our clients indicated that the most important to them are clear and timely follow-up, our expertise, the accessibility of Anywr Netherlands and clear working processes. In this item we will dive into the service excellence as perceived by our clients’ employees,

Service excellence employees; return rate

Anywr Netherlands (or our clients) ask all assisted employees for their opinion on our services. Due to a personal bond with the employees and a structured approach we received around 65% (!) of the sent evaluations back in 2024. To be honest, this high percentage has not always been the case, we’ve worked very hard to achieve this.

Service excellence employees; evaluation results

The evaluation results 2024 up to end May are very clear:

70% of the employees Anywr Netherlands assisted in 2024 values their assistance with an excellent, 25% with a good. So 95% of the people are very happy with our services!

Assisted employees comments

You might wonder why the assisted employees are so happy with our services. Again, this is the result of our passion for people who are in an impactful stage of their life. Our immigration officers and relocation coordinators really want to make the difference!

The best people who can tell why they are happy customers are the assisted employees themselves:

It was excellent process, very smooth, fast and supportive. I am gladful who helped me during process. Thank you so much!

Great experience. They have supported me a lot and without them it would have been difficult for me to settle in Rotterdam.

Good support through the process. Prompt reply if there were any questions

Excellent service, clear communication and timely guidance… the extension of the entire family residence permit was very easy.

I think that you have quite a comprehensive and good platform for messaging and documents sharing. Your specialists are responsive and very helpful. Overall my experience of immigration to the Netherlands was majorly positive and with little stress. So thank you very much for your hard work and services provided.

We also received feedback on things that some people would like to see differently. This helps us to improve our services even further.

Do you also want to have happy relocating employees?

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